Check out WebSmith’s inactive websites; most of which have now been discontinued. The variety of sites offers a look into WebSmith’s journey up to the current day. The type of content on many of these sites are now on Shufflenet.



Check out this uniquely-themed start page, complete with search tools and an external link area. Go to Hyperion-Start


Check out this dark-themed news aggregator, complete with news sections, search tools, and an external link area. Go to Hyperion-NewsRoom

Celebrating Kids

Check out the precursor to Shufflenet, where many of the early poetry, photos, and videos started. Go to Celebrating Kids

Weekly Strips

Check out one of WebSmith’s two original comic series; this one featuring Plop. Go to Weekly Strips

Blob Plus

Check out one of WebSmith’s two original comic series; this one featuring Blob. Go to Blob Plus

Super Games Co.

Discover some of Shufflenet’s earliest games, along with a dedicated members’ area. Go to Super Games Co.

Hyper Lite Webmaster Tools

Check out some of the Internet’s legacy webmaster tools, including social media and sharing widgets. Go to Hyper Lite Webmaster Tools


Check out Websmith’s original quiz site, with quizzes and contests on multiple topics. Go to Quizco

Jewel Jen

Check out WebSmith’s original book series, along with a contests page and a members’ area. Go to Jewel Jen


Check out content made for the current season of the year. Go to iSeasonal

Hyper Technologies

Check out WebSmith’s precursor, and discover some of WebSmith’s earliest sites. Go to Hyper Technologies


Discover some of the tools to help you start your very own website, including hosting services, templates, and tutorials. Go to SiteStarts

Fusion Comics

Check out comics from three different series, including Plop and Friends, a compilation of Weekly Strips and Blob Plus. Go to Fusion Comics